DBT Center of Lawrence - DBT Therapists providing mental health treatment in Lawrence, KS


Frequently Asked Questions at the DBT Center

Will you take my insurance?

Blue Cross & Blue Shield, MeDicare, and medicaid

DBT Center of Lawrence is currently accepting clients with the following insurance:

  • Blue Cross & Blue Shield

  • Medicare

  • United Medicaid/Optum

  • Sunflower Health Plan

Some insurance plans have a high deductible and offer a Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA). You can use available funds in these accounts to pay for services.

We aspire to provide services on a sliding scale in the future, however, we are a new business and are therefore unable to offer flexibility with payment at this time. If you are looking for resources that offer a sliding scale, please consider looking into affordable options.

I am already in therapy. Can I continue to work with my current therapist and participate in DBT at the DBT Center?

Our program requires weekly individual therapy with a DBT therapist and weekly DBT group. Therefore, clients of the DBT Center work solely with a DBT therapist for the time that they are participating in DBT, so that the therapy they receive is consistent with the model. Moreover, most insurance companies will not cover all individual services when there is more than one primary provider. Clients may choose to resume treatment with their individual therapist when they graduate from our program.

Which areas in Kansas do you serve?

Lawrence, Kansas City, Baldwin City, Eudora, Topeka,
and University of Kansas

Currently, DBT Center serves clients from within Lawrence, Kansas City, Baldwin City, Eudora, and Topeka. Therapists at DBT Center also treat students from University of Kansas and Baker University. There are no county restrictions at DBT Center; we can accept clients from any county within Kansas.

How do I become a client at DBT Center?

our process for accepting clients

Our team reviews all client referrals and makes assignments based on the client’s insurance and needs. If you are interested in becoming a client, you may either complete an online form or call us at (785) 424-7770.

If you submit an online form, a DBT Center therapist will review your information with the team, and then call you to schedule an intake appointment. If you prefer to talk by phone, you will either reach a therapist directly who will take a message, or you may leave a voice message. Once the team determines who might best serve you, your therapist will call you to schedule an intake. This process typically takes 1-2 business days.