DBT Center of Lawrence - DBT Therapists providing mental health treatment in Lawrence, KS

Juliet Nelson

Co-Founder, DBT-Linehan Board Certified Therapist

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Juliet Nelson, LCP

Juliet Nelson earned an MS in Counselling Psychology 1996 and a PhD in Clinical Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute in California in 2004. She is a  licensed clinical psychotherapist, LCP, and prior to the DBT Center of Lawrence, spent 23 years at Bert Nash Center, supervising the Intensive Outpatient and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy Programs. She was intensively trained in DBT by treatment developer, Marsha Linehan in 2000, and has received advanced intensive DBT training, as well as specialised training in treating PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) while doing DBT with high risk clients.

In 2017, Juliet became a certified DBT clinician through the national Linehan board of certification. Juliet has provided DBT trainings and consultation throughout the state over the last 20 years and is looking forward to working collaboratively with clients and other community partners in a new setting. Juliet’s favourite DBT skill is “willingness” which means practicing being open, accepting life on life’s terms, while also making needed changes. When she is not working, she likes to do yoga, garden, bake and hang out with her three teen and adult kids, her partner and her two cats.